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Featured Peru Cultural Tours



Experience one of the world's most ancient practices by spending the morning with a local shepherd tending to a flock of alpaca and sheep in the outskirts of Cuzco.  The journey will take you along ancient valleys lined with Inca agricultural walls and ruins, giving you a glimpse into an ancient yet still vibrant lifestyle in the Andes.  Reserve your place via email @ or click here.



Travel Peru on the elegant horses of a local ranch to hidden Inca ruins high above the city of Cuzco.  It's a true off-the-beaten track expedition: Legend has it that the original founders of Cuzco made their home in this valley and the ruins remain untouched by tourism and locals.  Reserve your place via email @ or click here.  



A customer favorite, spend a full day about an hour from Cuzco visiting off-the-beaten path historical sites, museums, and locally crafted adobe tile, culminating in a traditional feast served from a wood-fire oven in an adobe home.  The Day-in-the-Life truly offers what its name describes: is a wide array of historical, personal, cultural, and culinary experiences.  Read the blog here, or Contact us.


Peru Travel Packages
Featured Expeditions: Full/Multi-Day Adventures

These full or multi-day expeditions bring you to far-reaching pueblos deep in the Andes Mountains and offer unforgettable adventures during your stay in Cuzco.  Contact us with questions on any of the Peru travel options.

7D/6n EPIC choquequirao-to-Machu picchu: 

This epic trek brings you to the ruins of two major Inca cities: Choquequeriao and Machu Picchu.  Choquequeriao is only accessible via a two day hike, leaving it largely untouched by tourism yet a favorite of the adventurer.  Designed for the fit, adventurous traveler, this week long journey is known for the magnificent views in addition to the historical appeal.  The cost includes an arriero, mules (you'll need them!), all transport including the train back to Cuzco, admission to both sites, camping and lodging fees, and a luxurious, well-deserved dinner in Aguas Calientes.  Having traveled many of the major routes to and near Machu Picchu, we consider this trek to be the most rewarding and exclusive way to reach Machu Picchu.  See the full itinerary here.  Contact us today to organize your trek.

Salkantay classic:

A Cusco Classic, this trek brings you along one of the divine mountains (apus) of the Inca people, eventually leading you to the holy sanctuary of Machu Picchu.  While the destination tops many a bucket-list, the trek itself is one of the most majestic in all of South America.  Full Itinerary.  Contact us.

Single Day Culture Mountain bike Ride:  

Escape the city center on high-end Felt mountain bikes through the Andahualyllas or Sacred Valley, eat lunch in a Peruvian family's home, and ride back towards the city lights again- all before the sun is down. If you love single track, don't miss out on some of the best in the world!  More information.  Contact us.




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